Recent ISM Publications

1. Del Gado, E, A Liu, CP Royall, Slow dynamics in disordered materials across theory, experiments, and simulations, Journal of Chemical Physics, 159 (2023).

2. Poon, L, JR Hum, M Kertesz, and RG Weiss, Unraveling the dependence of proton transfer on solvent polarity in ion pairs of carbamates and dithiocarbamates with nitrogen-based counterions, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, (2023).

3. Fracaroli, AM, G Grover, H Ohtsu, M Kawano, F Gandara, RH de Rossi, RG Weiss, and K Tashiro, 1D Supramolecular Assemblies That Crystallize and Form Gels in Response to the Shape-Complementarity of Alcohols, Langmuir, (2023).

4. Korpela, EJJ, JR Carvalho, H Lischka, and M Kertesz, Extremely Long C-C Bonds Predicted beyond 2.0 Å, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, (2023).

5. Bantawa, M, B Keshavarz, M Geri, M Bouzid, T Divoux, GH McKinley, and E Del Gado, The hidden hierarchical nature of soft particulate gels, Nature Physics, (2023).

6. Mohanan, M, H Ahmad, P Ajayan, PK Pandey, BM Calvert, X Zhang, F Chen, SJ Kim, S Kundu, and N Gavvalapalli, Using molecular straps to engineer conjugated porous polymer growth, chemical doping, and conductivity, Chemical Science, (2023).

7. Hameed, F, M Mohanan, N Ibrahim, C Ochonma, J Rodríguez-López, and N Gavvalapalli, Controlling π-Conjugated Polymer-Acceptor Interactions by Designing Polymers with a Mixture of π-Face Strapped and Nonstrapped Monomers, Macromolecules, 56 (2023), 3421-3429.

8. Yardimci, S, T Gibaud, W Schwenger, MR Sartucci, PD Olmsted, JS Urbach, and Z Dogic, Bonded straight and helical flagellar filaments form ultra-low-density glasses, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120 (2023).

9. Ulbrich, J, C Fernandez-Rico, B Rost, J Vialetto, L Isa, JS Urbach, and RPA Dullens, Effect of curvature on the diffusion of colloidal bananas, Physical Review E, 107 (2023).

10. Vinutha, HA, FDD Ruiz, X Mao, B Chakraborty, and E Del Gado, Stress-stress correlations reveal force chains in gels, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 158 (2023), 114104.

11. Donovan, APA, L Rosko, J Ellegood, Y Redhead, JBA Green, JP Lerch, JK Huang, and MA Basson, Pervasive cortical and white matter anomalies in a mouse model for CHARGE syndrome, Journal of Anatomy, (2023).

12. Rosko, LM, T Gentil, VN Smith, Z Manavi, GS Melchor, J Hu, NV Shults, C Albanese, Y Lee, O Rodriguez, and JK Huang, Cerebral Creatine Deficiency Affects the Timing of Oligodendrocyte Myelination, Journal of Neuroscience, 43 (2023), 1143-1153.

13. Yamazaki, R, Y Osanai, T Kouki, JK Huang, and N Ohno, Pharmacological treatment promoting remyelination enhances motor function after internal capsule demyelination in mice, Neurochemistry International, 164 (2023), 105505.

14. Gangotra, A, E Del Gado, and JI Lewis, 3D printing has untapped potential for climate mitigation in the cement sector, Communications Engineering, 2 (2023).

15. Beaupre, DM, AK Goroncy, and RG Weiss, Influence of Concentration of Thiol-Substituted Poly(dimethylsiloxane)s on the Properties, Phases, and Swelling Behaviors of Their Crosslinked Disulfides, Macromolecules, 3 (2023), 36-53.

16. Grover, G, AB Brothers, and RG Weiss, Molecular and Aggregate Structural, Thermal, Mechanical and Photophysical Properties of Long-Chain Amide Gelators Containing an α-Diketo Group in the Presence or Absence of a Tertiary Amine Group, Gels, 9 (2023), 36.

17. Dolata, BE, and PD Olmsted, A thermodynamically consistent constitutive equation describing polymer disentanglement under flow, Journal of Rheology, 67 (2023), 269-292.

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