NIST Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for the GU/NIST PREP program will be posted here.

  • If you are interested in one of these positions, please send an email with the subject “Job Enquiry PREP000XXXX” to, where PREP000XXXX is the job number noted below.
  • Please send your CV and a short cover letter explaining your suitability for the position.
  • Please combine your documents into a single document in PDF format.
  1. PREP0002571 –  Development of High-Sensitivity IR Spectroscopy for Proteins and Gene Delivery Systems (Post-Doc) Download information here (Posted 13 June 2024)
  2. PREP0002433 – Advancing Power Electronics with Defect Metrology (Post-Doc) Download information here (Posted 13 June 2024)
  3. PREP0002567 – Post Doc Research Associate in Fire Metrology (Post-Doc) Download information here (Posted 10 June 2024)
  4. PREP0002533 – IR Imaging Analysis of Micro/Nanoplastics and Polymer Films (Post-Doc) Download information here (Posted 7 June 2024)
  5. PREP0002432Sustainbility-Resilience Framework Fellow (Graduate Student) Download information here (Posted 3 May 2024)
  6. PREP0002403Thermal Magnetic Levitation-Based Density Characterization for Plastics Recycling (Post-Doc). Download information here (Posted 23 April 2024)
  7. PREP0002385PREP Research Associate Synthetic Biology Technician (Post-Master). Download information here (Posted 17 April 2024)
  8. PREP0002384PREP Research Associate Automation Technician (Post-Bachelor). Download information here. (Posted 17 April 2024)
  9. PREP0002324Bayesian Statistical Methods for Applications in Metrology (Post-Doc). Download information here. (Posted 25 March 2024)
  10. PREP0002174PREP Research Associate CHIPS Funded Project in the Policy & Integration Office (Undergraduate student). Download information here. (Posted 15 February 2024)
  11. PREP0002150 – Perception Performance of Robotic Systems (Post-Bachelor, Post-Master or Graduate Student). Download information here. (Posted 6 February 2024)
  12. PREP0001851 Circular Economy of Plastics (Post-Doc). Download information here. (new window) (Posted 17 September 2023)

Filled or Dormant Positions

  1. PREP0002398Supply Chain Traceability (Post-Doc). Download information here (Posted 19 April 2024)
  2. PREP0002388Fast IR Measurement of Cure Kinetics of Advanced Packaging Polymers (Post-Doc). (Posted 17 April 2024)
  3. PREP0001953Postdoctoral Research Associate in Photonics science & Technology (Post-Doc). (Posted 15 February 2024)
  4. PREP0002160PREP Research Associate (Research Faculty). (Posted 7 February 2024)
  5. PREP0001952 Orthogonal Strain Rheology Measurements (Post-Doc). (Posted 5 Nov 2023)
  6. PREP0001852 Digital Image Processing for Measuring Solar Panel Degradation (Post-Bac or Graduate Student). (Posted 17 September 2023)
  7. PREP0001777 Enhancing Building Applications and Analytics Through Semantic Standards (Post-Bac) (Posted 24 August 2023)
  8. PREP0001718 Research and Applications in Statistical Metrology (Post-Doc). (Posted 24 August 2023)
  9. PREP0001716 Research and Applications in Statistical Metrology (Part Time Academic Affiliate). (Posted 24 August 2023)
  10. PREP0001741 Cost-Effective Resource Allocation Strategies for Community Resilience (Post-bac). (Posted 14 August 2023)
  11. PREP0001663 Premise Plumbing Systems for High-Performance Buildings (Post-Doc). (Posted 23 July 2023)
  12. PREP0001642 Automation-based methods for measurement infrastructures in engineering biology (Post-Doc). (Posted 23 July 2023)
  13. PREP0001609 Front-End Web Developer. (Masters Degree). (Posted 2 July 2023)
  14. PREP0001564 Resilience/Sustainability Research. (Post-Doc). (Posted 15 June 2023)
  15. PREP0001531 AV Perception: Test and evaluation of Perception sensors for Automated vehicles (post-Bachelor or post-Master). (Posted 12 June 2023)
  16. PREP0001118 Modeling of building fires (Post-doc). (Posted 7 May 2023)
  17. PREP0001104 – Assistance with the Rapid Drug Analysis and Research (RaDAR) Program and Seized Drug Interlaboratory Studies (Masters Degree). (Posted 7 May 2023)
  18. PREP0001558 Combined DSC-Raman of Polymer Recyclates. (Post-Doc). (Posted 14 June 2023)
  19. PREP0001270 Front-End Web Developer (Bachelor’s Degree). (Posted 2 July 2023)
  20. PREP0001396 Research Associate in Cybersecurity. (Graduate Student) (Posted 2 July 2023)
  21. PREP0001480 Wildland Urban Interface Fires – Case Studies and National Data (Bachelor’s Degree). (Posted 26 May 2023)
  22. PREP0001488 Life Cycle Analysis for a More Sustainable and Circular Economy (Post-doc). Posted 26 May 2023)
  23. PREP0001504 Exposure of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from firefighter’s Gear and Workplace Environment (Post-Doc). (Posted 1 June 2023)
  24. PREP0001542 Decision Science for a Sustainable, Resilient, Circular Economy. (Post-Doc). (Posted 12 June 2023)
  25. PREP0001192 – Raman Scattering During Plastics Recycling (Post-doc). (Posted 7 May 2023).
  26. PREP0001417 Enhanced Infrared Classification of Post-Consumer Resins through Multimodal Measurement Correlations (Post-Doc). (Posted 16 May 2023)
  27. PREP0001720 Research and Applications in Statistical Metrology (Full Time Academic Affiliate). (Posted 24 August 2023)
  28. PREP0001717 Research and Applications in Statistical Metrology (Graduate student). (Posted 24 August 2023)
  29. PREP0001863 Exposure of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from firefighter’s gear and workplace environment (Post-Doc). (Posted 26 September 2023)