NIST Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) Job Opportunities

We are currently not hiring any more PREP positions beyond those that are already in place. We anticipate re-opening the program for new PREP fellows after 1 July 2023. Examples of opportunities we have had in the past are listed below.

  • NIST PREP – Postdoctoral Position in Collaboration with the WWF
  • NIST PREP – Science and Technology Communications Fellowship
  • NIST PREP – Software Developer Position (Post-Bachelors, Graduate Student, Master’s Degree Holder, or Postdoc)
  • NIST PREP – Updating NIST DART-MS Search Tool (R Shiny Application) for Forensic Drug Analysis
  • NIST PREP Postdoc – Using AI to improve the proteomic analysis of the human genome
  • NIST PREP Student – Software Developer Position (Undergraduate Students)
  • Part-Time Research Internship Opportunity at NIST
  • PhD-level automation Scientist or Engineer for Live Cell Imaging
  • Undergraduate Researcher (Hydraulic Cement Expansion and Microstructure Evolution in Mortars)