ISMSM Researchers Present at APS March Meeting

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Recently, several ISMSM faculty and student researchers attended the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting. The APS March Meeting is an annual presentation of recent developments across a broad range of physics topics, gathering together more than 12,000 physicists to present on research and exchange ideas. This year the March Meeting took place virtually and in person at McCormick Place in Chicago.

ISMSM Faculty, including Prof. Emanuela Del Gado, Prof. Jeffrey Urbach, and Prof. Peter Olmsted, gave presentations on their research in soft matter. Additionally, several postdoctoral fellows and graduate students gave talks or poster presentations. Prof. Urbach presented on research demonstrating how the propagation of high stress fronts are associated with variations in the concentration of the particulate phase at the boundary of sheared cornstarch suspensions. Prof. Del Gado gave a presentation entitled “The origin of hierarchical viscoelastic response in soft particulate gels” and Prof. Olmsted gave a presentation concerning the molecular weight dependence of polymer glass transition temperature.

Dr. Gavin Donley and Dr. Vinutha H.A., both post-doctoral fellows working with Prof. Del Gado, also gave presentations. Dr. Donley gave a talk entitled “Time-resolved structure-property relations in model soft gel networks under large amplitude oscillatory shear” and Dr. Vinutha H.A. gave one entitled “Estimation of the equilibrium free energy for glasses using the Jarzynski equality”. Additionally, Dr. Ankita Gangotra presented on “Upgrading low-carbon pathways for cement production in the United States” during a focus session on soft matter and climate change. Dr. Gangotra is a post-doctoral fellow working with Prof. Del Gado and Prof. Joanna Lewis.